Let’s face it; becoming a Real Estate Agent is easy. With just a high school diploma, a three week course, and a passing grade on an exam you’re legally permitted to advice people on one of the largest transactions of their lives. That’s why it’s so important to make sure you are hiring a professional and not just any agent. Jerry Kaye has devised a system that executes the top eight factors that get homes sold quicker and for more money. Those factors are:

  • 1.Pricing – Price too high, and you miss out on the positive momentum of being new to the market, price too low and you’re leaving money on the table. Jerry doesn’t just look at homes that have recently sold; he also analyzes the current homes available to buyers and keeps track of shifting trends to position your home to sell for the right price. Want to go look at the competition before you set your price? Ask Jerry to take you out to see competing homes before you price yours.
  • 2.Staging – The way your home looks and feels to prospective buyers can be the difference between a buyer choosing your home or the one down the street. Jerry knows about what sells homes. Before we put your home on the market, Jerry will walk through and make recommendations on things you can do to make your home more appealing to prospective buyers. He has also partnered up with professional stagers who can take it to the next level.
  • 3.Photos – 90% of all buyers use the internet to select which homes they want to see in person. Jerry recognizes how critical it is to take quality photos to make sure your home shows its best on the web. He has invested $1,000s in photography equipment and digitally optimizes the photos before uploading them to the web. Jerry is also aligned with professional photographers for those unique properties that require a little more.
  • 4.Write-up – What did you like most about living at the home? What are the special features of the home and the location? What kind of upgrades have you made? Jerry will work with you to make sure that we capture all of the positive attributes about your property that cannot be summed up with a photo.
  • 5.Exposure After we have your listing looking great, Jerry will “syndicate” your listing to make sure it shows up on 1,000s of websites. He will also promote it through social media. Jerry sends out “Just Listed” cards to the neighbors to make sure they know about it and holds open houses. The more positive exposure the better.
  • 6. Follow-up – In the information age, consumers want answers to their questions instantly. Jerry has systems in place that notify him immediately when a potential buyer has questions about your home. He also makes it very easy for other agents to bring buyers to your home.
  • 7.Negotiation – Jerry will take the emotion out of the negotiation. He has masters level coursework in negotiation and experience on the buyer’s side of transactions giving him the perspective to see the deal through both sides.
  • 8.Follow Through – Your house is not sold until the check is in your account. There are many things that make a deal fall through. Jerry is an expert in the process and can stop many problems before they happen by paying attention to detail and being in constant communication.